One Life, One Love, One City - Manchester City

Hate seeing players leave my club!!! 😭😭

Micahhh!! :(

When I get nervous I turn a little bit crazy!! :O Just hoping I don’t do that when I start college!

posted 2 days ago


I love his smile.


I love his smile.

Don’t understand why everyone is praising Stoke, obviously it’s going to be hard when they play 11 men behind the ball. Pricks.

Lee Mason is only 42? Jesus he looks about 60!!!

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Stoke’s goal from our corner! :(

Disappointing today, but Lee Mason shouldn’t be a referee!!

UEFA Champions League Group Stage Draw

Still adamant that UEFA is bent!!

posted 4 days ago

We have the quality to go through so BRING IT ON!!! :D

Need to get the away shirt so I can get Džeko on the back!


The Toure bros shake hands in Manchester City v. Liverpool


Stevan Jovetic. Brilliant.